Popping Popcorn the "Old Fashion Way" with Pop Secret Kernel Packs + Two New Flavors

I can remember as a child, my mom popping popcorn the old fashion way---on the stove top, in a iron skillet as she held a dinner plate tightly across the top of it. She would melt the butter and pour the kernels in---she would NEVER measure how many kernels she was pouring in, never!

After I was married, I tried it and felled miserably and just started buying microwave pop corn. My favorite is the butter! After it pops, I pour it in a bowl and normally add salt to eat before we devour it.

I say the more butter, the better! Well, Pop Secret has recently came out with Double Butter microwave pop corn---this one is for me! If you like butter, just take my word for it and go buy it! It is the best! This popcorn is packed with butter flavor!

Have you ever eaten cinnamon rolls with your pop corm, No! Me either! But Pop Secret's newest addition to the Sweet 'n Crunchy line is Cinnamon Roll. As this popcorn pops, it is coated with a sweet and cinnamony glaze; it literally smells like a batch of freshly baked cinnamon rolls each time a bag is popped...and I have popped three bags of this stuff! Smells wonderful!

If you had prefer to still try you hand at the "Old Fashion Way" of popping popcorn, Pop Secret Kernel Packs are for you! They take the guess work out of making fresh, stovetop popcorn. Each bag of Kernel Packs contains eight individual pouches of Pop Secret's Jumbo Kernels – no more stale kernels and no more measuring! This should have been around years ago when I was trying to copy how my mother popped it! And....This popcorn is packed with butter flavor. It's a win-win! No measuring and is flavored with butter!

The Kernel Packs, Double Butter and Sweet 'n Crunchy Cinnamon Roll are available now nation-wide at major supermarkets, and retailers. Learn more about Pop Secret online at PopSecret.comFacebookTwitter, and Pinterest for recipe ideas and fun popcorn facts and news!

Disclosure: I was sent the products featured to help facilitate this post. Read my disclosure policy here.

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