New Recipes using Goya Frozen Yuca

I can see why many people say that yuca is the 'other' white potato; when peeled it looks just like a.....white potato. You can buy yuca fresh or frozen. Even though I have never bought yuca fresh, I think I would enjoy the frozen better because there's really no work involved in getting your yuca ready to cook, in other words no peeling! And that's a plus for me, less time in the kitchen!

Goya Frozen Yuca comes in these 5 pound bags, which are perfect for when I just want to make myself something yummy and no one else in the family! I just pull out as many as I want for this recipe that I am about to share with you, and put the rest of the bag back in the freezer.

Here's the recipe for Bing Bang Yuca Tang:
-As much Yuca as you want to eat (seriously, pull one piece out or 5 or more)
-Place yuca in salted, boiling water--cook for 20-30 minutes until tender.
-Drain, but reserve some of the water---your yuca will be very dried, so you will need to add some of the water that it was cooked in to get a smooth texture...not to mention that it will be easier to smash!
-Smash yuca with a potato masher or fork (for a smoother texture, put cooked yuca in a blender and blend/puree it)
-Put smashed yuca in a bowl, sprinkle with cinnamon, nutmeg and cayenne pepper (red pepper flakes work great if you are out of cayenne pepper) stir it all together.

-Drizzle honey across and then enjoy it!

My husband says that Bing Bang Yuca Tang tastes like an African sweet potato--not really sure what an African sweet potato is, but hey, he liked it!

Another recipe I want to share with you is Yuca Oven Fries--and yes, I make them with Goya Frozen Yuca.

Recipe for Goya Frozen Yuca Fries:
-Remove as much yuca from the bag that you want to cook

Rub each Goya Frozen Yuca with Goya Olive oil

Sprinkle each yuca with Goya Adobo Lite (Low Sodium)

Bake whole, at 350 for 40-45 minutes, or longer, depending on how brown you want them; when done slice them lengthwise and enjoy! 
*As with all of my recipes, tweak them to your tasting.

About Goya Foods:
The premier source for authentic Latino cuisine, Goya Foods is the largest, Hispanic-owned food company in the United States. Founded in 1936 by Don Prudencio Unanue and his wife Carolina, both from Spain, the Goya story is as much about the importance of family as it is about achieving the American dream.

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