Maxwell House Iced Coffee Concentrates Review

Every now and then I need a pick-me-up---I need an Iced coffee! Okay, maybe I don't n-e-e-d one, I just want one! Iced coffees are so good for not only my brain, but for my taste buds!.

The closest coffee shop is about four to five miles away and the closest grocery store that sells them, already made in the 4 count bottles, is a bout two miles away, so when I go grocery shopping I will sometimes stock up on these when they go on sale for around $4.99 (non-sale prices range from $5.99-$6.99 per four count!) OUCH! On my pocketbook.

Recently, I discovered Maxwell House Iced Coffee Concentrates, that cost much less than the four count bottles. I was sent the House Blend to try and it is pretty good! I have tried it with both water and milk---and I like it a whole lot better in milk.

All it takes is one squeeze per glass of water, or milk, and some ice and I have a great drink, it even taste better than the bottle drinks that I buy at the store--Oh, and I did not need to add any sweetener either--the House Blend comes lightly sweetened! Seriously, easy to make and I do not have to leave home when my iced coffee cravings kicks in!

Each 1.62-ounce bottle of Maxwell House Iced Coffee Concentrates yields 10 servings and comes in three flavor varieties including House Blend, Caramel and Vanilla. They are available now in grocery and mass merchandise retail locations for a suggested retail price of $3.99.

I recommend you try these----you can have a great-tasting iced coffee beverage, anytime, anywhere!

Disclosure: I was sent the product featured to help facilitate this review.  Read my disclosure policy here.

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