Banana Fruttata Crisps Review

I love to eat bananas; by themselves, in cereal, in smoothies, ice cream, banana bread---even those little runt candies ( I know those are not really bananas, it's a mind thing....). I sometimes freeze bananas for a cool snack during the summer months or to throw into smoothies instead of ice.

See, I told you I loved bananas!

Recently I got to try banana Fruttata Crisps, Fruttata Crisps are real bananas that are created via freeze drying, I'm told it's the process of removing moisture from food through a dryer at -40°F. These are not anything like banana chips they are not hard at all. Banana Fruttata Crisps are soft and but once they are inside your mouth they almost take back there shape and texture of a fresh banana as if you had just peeled a banana and took a bite of it!

The guilt-free snack is the ultimate, tasty on-the-go treat, with all the health benefits and nutrients of real fruit (because it is just that – real fruit)! These would be great to throw in your child's lunch box or to keep them at your work desk for a tasty treat!

Fruttata Crisps also comes in pineapple and apple too---I cannot wait to try those! Fruttata retails for $1.79 (Individual Size) - $9.99 (Club Pack), and can be purchased nationwide on, and locally at Duane Reade and Costco stores.

Disclosure: I was sent the product featured to help facilitate this review. Read my disclosure policy here.

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