Chocolate Kisses Luxury Lip Loofah Review from "Nicole Made This"

I have used loofahs before, but never a loofah for my lips! I actually never knew anything like that existed before finding Nicole from She has a lot of neat items that she makes fresh to order just for her customers.

I received the "Chocolate Kisses Luxury Lip Loofah" and is smelled literally like sweet chocolate! This lip scrub is easy to use, just rub on with your finger, rub your lips back and forth a few times and any dead skin comes off ---just use a tissue or rub any dead skin off. It left my lips very soft and kissable ( per my husband, which made me wonder, were my lips not kissable before!?!).

These lip loofahs contain: mango butter, vitamin e, essential oil, sugar, all natural flavors. They are available in the following varieties:
  • Blood Red - a sweet squeeze of Italian blood orange
  • Ruby Red - youthful sweet ruby red grapefruit
  • Sweet Mint - a hint of peppermint and a touch of sweetness
  • Acai You Standing There - natural acai berry flavor and a hint of sweetness
  • Chocolate Kisses - natural sweet chocolate flavor dances on your lips
  • Fairytale Kiss - natural sweet apple flavor makes your kisses the sweetest in the realm
  • Gotta' Whole Latte Love - perfect sweet creamy kisses for the coffee lover in you
  • Citrus Sorbet Smooches - this lemon treat is light, bright and sweet
  • Lavender Lip Lock - a soothing blend of lavender, chamomile and sweet vanilla
  • Simply Soft - all of the lip lovin' goodness with no added fragrance or hints of sweetness; just the pure stuff!

Over at she has an assortment of products including lip loofahs, stubble bubbles shaving soaps, sugar-based scrubs, body and hairwash, and even stuff for your furry friends!

Nicole's mission is very simple---she has very sensitive skin, so she creatively discovered a way to satisfy her own needs while sharing these great products with everyone. Her mission is to produce handcrafted personal care products in an artisanal manner - using the finest ingredients available and blended in small batches to ensure quality - resulting in nothing less than an affordable luxury, and because the products are naturally derived and vegan-friendly, they are a responsible indulgence.

Disclosure: I was given the product featured in this post to facilitate my review. Read my disclosure policy here.

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