Celebrate National Coffee Day on September 29th with Mr. Coffee

Not that we coffee lovers need a day an extra, special day to celebrate and drink more coffee----but since September 29th is "National Coffee Day" why not celebrate and brew a few more pots of coffee, have some friends over to help you celebrate!

What do you 'brew' your coffee in? 

For the connoisseur of high-quality coffees and teas, the Mr. Coffee® Electric French Press + Hot Water Kettle is a must! Pressed coffee extracts the ideal amount from the grounds to deliver maximum coffee flavor. In addition to brewing rich and robust coffee and steeping delicious tea, this product also boils water to make other beverages and instant meals too. An adjustable temperature setting helps keep beverages warm until it’s time to indulge. The wide mouth glass carafe and large screen make serving a snap, while its in-base cord storage facility make storage and clean up easy.

The Mr. Coffee® Electric French Press + Hot Water Kettle is on sale for just $35.38 with free shipping (was $69.99). Buy it HERE 

Designed for the true coffee lover, today’s Mr. Coffee® Optimal Brew Coffeemaker is designed to deliver the best tasting cup of coffee the optimal way. The optimal bloom brewing process pre-saturates the grounds before brewing to ensure an even extraction of flavor and brews at the optimal 205°F temperature for a great tasting cup of coffee. The optimal view Light Bar Technology™ shows when it’s time to brew another pot and the double-walled vacuum insulated thermal 12-cup carafe keeps coffee hot for up to four hours. Plus, consumers will never have to pull their coffeemaker out from under the cabinets again because the removable water reservoir and side-loading brew basket provide easy access. Two-hour auto shut-off and special cleaning cycle provide added convenience.

My husband loves this one for the fact that once the coffee is done, just remove the carafe and you are good to go---no transferring the coffee from the pot to the carafe possibly spilling some of the good stuff all over the place. We have been using this one to make and take coffee to our Sunday School class this month---keeps the coffee piping hot!

The Mr. Coffee® Optimal Brew Coffeemaker is on sale for just $62.10 with free shipping (was $89.99). Buy it HERE.

And for the perfect coffee, you must have the perfect coffee cup. I have two that I like to use, but the above one is my favorite, it holds a lot of coffee!

My husband on the other hand, well, he has several. I am not sure which one he is going to use on National Coffee Day!

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  1. An electric French press? What will they think of next! I want!