I need a Break, so I am Taking One!

I am so tired of buying meat--so much so, that I am taking a break from buying it! I am tired of buying hamburger meat at local grocery stores, only to get home and find ruined meat underneath the "red" part of the meat; smelling and tasting bleach in the meat (guess I should be thankful they clean their equipment!).
I am so tired of buying chicken and finding something on the chicken that I haven't a clue what it is...and neither do the people that work in the meat department that work at the store! blah, blah, blah

My rant is bringing you a bunch of meatless meals this week, and possibly in the weeks to come. My husband is on board with this and my children are so-so.

We are not going vegan, by any means...we are still eating cheese, eggs, and products that contain milk---just taking a break from buying meat {every time I look at it in the store, my stomach gets a knot in it; thus the reason for not buying it this week!}

Home made Pancakes with strawberries


Scrambled eggs and toast

Baked oatmeal

Yogurt and fruit


Sauteed onions in tortillas for lunch today

Hard boiled eggs and toast

{LTM Sandwiches} Lettuce, tomato, and mayo sandwiches

Left Overs

Monday--Oven roasted potatoes, peas, mac and cheese, and bread.

Tuesday--Broccoli, Old Fashion Corn Pudding and dressing

Wednesday--Scrambled egg sandwiches, chips

Thursday--Going out With SS class...and will probably eat meat!

Friday--Black bean fajitas with sauteed veggies, rice, and fruit salad

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