Star Wars 3D Deco Lights for your Holiday Gift Guide

Shed some light on the dark side with Star Wars 3D Deco Lights.

Star Wars 3D Deco Wall Lights are an amazing way to add light to a room and are perfect showpieces for the living room, a child’s bedroom or your very own man-cave. 3D Deco Wall Lights have so many fun and exciting designs for boys and girls of all ages. Marvel, Nick, Star Wars, Disney, Universal and much more, 3D Light FX has something for everyone!

This year I was sent the cool looking light (pictured above). The lights are a 3D model replicas of the Star Wars saga’s most popular characters or vehicles, with a unique ‘crack’ sticker that makes it look as though the character or vehicle has come smashing through your wall.

Whether on or off, these 3D Deco Lights look fantastic. They are a very unique room accent and are sure to gather many compliments when people visit your home. They are safe, cordless and battery operated. They use LED bulbs, they are cool to the touch, which is essential for when children are around.

Learn more about 3D Deco Lights and find your favorite while visiting their site HERE at this link.

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Disclosure: I was given the light featured in exchange for my review.

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