Include a Lava Lamp in your Holiday Gift Guide this Year!

Our youngest daughter has always loved lava lamps but never owned one until last Christmas. We were at a Christmas party where we participated in a "White Elephant" gift exchange and she walked away with a lava lamp--she was excited, but that excitement soon diminished after we got home and found out that it was broken!

So I was really excited when I received the limited edition 50th Anniversary Collection Lava Lamp from Lava Lite in the mail--she has no idea that I have it!

The limited edition 50th Anniversary Collection includes four lamp sizes: 14.5” ($19.99), 17” ($29.99), 16.3” ($39.99), and 27” Grande ($119.99). The lamps have premium features included: gold painted base & cap, embossed 50th anniversary logo on the base, certificate of authenticity, and either an easy-access switch on the base or a dimmer switch, depending on the size of the lamp.

For the past five decades, Lava Lite, LLC® has been the global manufacturer of Lava® Lamps worldwide and sells millions of Lava Lamps annually! Lava Lite is always evolving and staying relevant. This iconic product is popular with fans of all ages, from adults who grew up in the 1960's to millennials, appearing everywhere from offices to dorm rooms. Lava Lite, LLC is no longer known for just motion lamps; they have expanded into novelty, party and even conventional lighting products!

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Disclosure: I was given product in exchange for being included in my HGG--no money exchanged hands.

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