Pearson Farms Review and Perfect for your Holiday recipes!

Disclosure: Our family was sent product that literally made our taste buds dance in exchange for being in my HGG--no money exchanged hands!

With the holidays literally just around the corner, I was excited when I was contacted about being sent some pecans for my holiday gift guide--I literally jumped on the offer!

I use pecans in various dishes during the holidays, so I go through a lot of them and usually have to run back to the store for more pecans to finish my dishes...of course snacking on them probably doesn't help any!

Pearson Farms, located in Georgia, plant the trees, harvest the nuts, clean, shell and bag by hand, all just for you! They offer two top quality Natural Pecan Varieties: Elliot and Schley. Our family was sent Elliot to sample--the pecans were very fresh and I have not found one piece of shell in the whole bag! And that is a plus to me--I hate biting into a shell, it about breaks my teeth every time!

Another thing that I like about Pearson Farms are their prices, all of their products are very affordable including their hostess and corporate gifts. If none of the gifts on their site are of interest to you, you can call them, tell them what you are wanting and they will create the perfect gift for you! Which is pretty special on their part, if you ask me!

Pearson Farms sale a variety of pecans, all natural, sweet, chocolate covered and more, you can check all their products out HERE at this link. and While you are their make sure you check out Mary's Kitchen --there are cookies, pies, cake crumbles and more for your holiday needs!

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