Hahn’s Old Fashioned Coffee Cake for your Holidays

Disclosure: I was given the products featured in this post in exchange for a spot in my HGG--no money exchanged hands!

Coffee cake is a staple for many families during the holiday season and Hahn’s coffee cake ranks right up there with the best of the best (My mom's was the best!)

Using all natural fresh ingredients and an old family recipe the tradition continues. Hahn’s offers the original coffee cake as well as best sellers like the Apple Crumb Cake, Mocha Cappuccino Cake and the Can of Crumbs, just the topping of the crumb cakes.

They offer several varieties of crumb cake for online cake delivery.
  • Plain Crumb Cake. Made from an old family recipe.
  • Bucket of Crumbs. For many people, the best part of crumb cake is the crumbs. The Bucket of Crumbs makes a great gift: it’s unique; it ships well; it has a six-month shelf life (if anyone can make it last that long); the bucket has its own handle, so it’s easy to carry; and it doesn’t need to be gift-wrapped — the bucket has a shiny finish, so it looks like a present even without gift wrapping.

  • A Can of Crumbs Three Pack. Sometimes you just can’t carry around a whole bucket of crumbs (though you’d like to!).
  • Raspberry-Walnut Crumb Cake. Their rich buttery crumbs on top of a layer of delicious raspberry preserves, a layer of our signature cake base with walnuts added.
Our family was sent a sampler of coffee cakes and "A Bucket of Crumbs", lets just say neither of them lasted very long in our home! All the cakes were rich in flavor and the tops of the cakes had a little crunchy goodness on top of them.

The "Can of Crumbs" I hid in my closet, for myself, until my daughter that is in college called and said she was wanting something sweet! I wrestled with the thought of giving her the rest of my crumbs verses going to buy her something at the store!

But I was a good mom and gave her my "Can of Crumbs"....after I took a couple of more pieces out for myself!

You can purchase some of this yumminess for yourself here at THIS LINK.

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