"Jack Hanna’s Big Book of Why" for your Child's Christmas this Year!

Just about everything under the sun makes kids as “why?” and even the smartest parents can be stumped. Wildlife expert Jack Hanna is offering up the answers to all animal-related questions in his book, Jack Hanna’s Big Book of Why.

Jack Hanna’s Big Book of Why will take kids and adults on a journey through the animal kingdom with Hanna. The 176-page, hardcover children’s book is organized by habitat—deserts, grasslands, forests, rainforests, the ocean and poles—and in addition to answering the critter questions children love to ask, it features close-up color photographs, illustrations and amazing facts and quizzes about creatures from around the world.

“Whether you’re a parent, teacher, aunt, uncle or grandparent, you’ve surely been unable to answer a question that a child in your life has asked you,” Hanna said. “This book answers some of those tough animal related questions—Why don’t fish sink? Why can’t penguins fly?—in a format that makes learning fun and easy for children!”

You can purchase this book on AMAZON and receive free shipping with Prime.

Disclosure: I was given the product featured in this post for my HGG--no money exchanged hands.

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