Holiday Baking with Nestlé Toll House and Three Core Trends that will Influence How you Bake this Holiday Season!

Disclosure: I was given Nestlé Toll House products to create some holiday yumminess and for this post--no money exchanged hands.

With the holidays in full swing, there's a lot of baking going on in our home and while the chocolate chip cookie will always be a favorite in our home, I like baking a few different kinds of cookies during the holidays.

I like simple recipes and I have always relied on Nestlé Toll House cookie dough to help me make a variety of cookies. Nestlé makes it easy for me (and you) to bake up a batch of yummy cookies. With the dough already made, I just pull out a few other ingredients like: flavorings, food colors, nuts, candies, fruits, etc and add what I want to the dough, bake and serve them up to my family and friends for a scrumptious snack!

Nestlé, a leader in baking for more than 75 years now, wants to inspire you to bake, so warm up your ovens and join in. Nestlé Toll House and leading pastry chefs from around the country looked at how baking is evolving and identified three core trends that will influence how Americans will bake this holiday season.

Speed Scratch
Beautiful baking creations aren’t just for trained pastry chefs. Today’s bakers can tap into pastry chef creativity and ensure success by leveraging proven baking shortcuts. Premade dough simplifies preparation, lets bakers explore ingredient variety and minimizes inconsistencies.

Farmers Market Inspired Baking
Modern bakers are eager to use ingredients that are in season to bring out the best flavor in their baked treats. With access to farmers markets year round, there are plenty of options for creating desserts with a distinct seasonal flavor.

Whoever came up with "Hot Cocoa" for a cookie flavor is a genius! Oh my word, cannot wait to try these!

Tradition Reinvented
Multicultural families are on the rise and with this demographic makeover in the U.S., home bakers are connecting with their heritage by updating treasured desserts. The memories behind classic recipes are timeless but today’s baker is looking to create new traditions.

Whatever cookies you decide to bake, Nestlé Toll House has you covered! So, go ahead, bring fun back into your kitchen and create a few masterpieces!

You can find Nestlé Toll House products at your local grocery store and Supermarkets across the nation!

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