Choice Collectables Fine Art - Iron Man War Machine

Choice Collectables is a premier provider of animation, limited edition and out-of-print fine art. One of Choice’s marquee components is its extensive partnership with Marvel; the makers of Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk and many more.

"Iron Man War Machine" was created by staff artists inside Marvel. It features Tony Stark with his Iron Man arsenal, comprised of a multitude of "Mark" versions of his suit. 

The iconic bachelor scientist appears on the left side of the piece in civilian clothes, as if to highlight his ability to transition from impressive man to even impressive superhero combo of man and machine. In the background, a dulled shadow of the original Iron Man suit from his first comic appearance emphasizes Iron Man's technological transformation through the ages. 

All of Choice Collectables comes with a certificate of Authencity. You can purchase the "Iron Man War Machine" artwork HERE at this link.

Disclosure: I was given the product featured for my HGG--no money exchanged hands. 

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