Acccentuate Games

Need something to liven up those tired evenings after Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners? Leaving other classic games out in the cold, Accentuate boasts a simple yet humiliating premise: repeat a given quotation aloud in a randomly selected accent and see if teammates can guess what it is! 

The worse the accent attempts are, the more hilarious the game becomes as players struggle to separate their Geordie from their German, their Scouse from their Spanish. 

Featuring 30 different drawls from around the globe! a third of which are home grown British dialects! Accentuate players are under blush‐inducing pressure to perform, with just thirty seconds to utter one of the 90 quotations in their allotted accent. 

The box comes complete with 90 Accent Cards featuring 30 different accents from around the globe (each repeated three times), 90 different Quotation Cards, a timer and a dice to select game‐play options. Its compact size makes it ideal for livening up festive visits to family and friends this Christmas. 

You will be in stitches by the time the game is over---if you can stand to put it up! Accentuate, would make for great stocking stuffers, Christmas or birthday gifts too! You can purchase Accentuate over on their website HERE for $19.99.

Disclosure: I was given the product featured for my HGG--no money exchanged hands. 

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