New, Improved Honeywell 360° Surround Heaters Review

It has been a bit chilly the last few mornings here in South Carolina. Our local weather people have already forecast a 'frost advisory' for several nights in a row, the temperatures fell down into the mid 30's last night. Brrr!

This morning, while taking my youngest daughter to work, we both about froze--she ran to the van and I was wishing I had wore a jacket!

When I got back home I pulled out my new and improved Honeywell 360° Surround Heater, plugged it in and turned it on!

The new, improved Honeywell 360° Surround Heaters are available in manual and digital; I have the digital one and when I turned it on, it said that it was 63 degrees in my living room! That's a bit chilly for me...on the inside of my home! I adjusted the setting to go all the way up to 85 degrees and after just a few minutes it is already up to 75 degrees, here, in my living room. My fingers and toes are almost thawed out!

From Honeywell:
Both units have a new modern design and enhanced heat performance which offer even more powerful whole room heating. The heaters deliver 25% warmer heat output and 20% faster room heat-up versus prior models, while being 10% quieter. Relax and enjoy quality, easy the use and effective all-around room heating with the new and improved 360° Surround Heaters.

Safety Features

• 360° SafetyTipTM switch, which automatically shuts off
the heater if tipped over in any direction.

• Overheat Protection, which ensures that the heater will
shut down if it exceeds temperature requirements

• Caution lights to alert you when a heater is turned on

• Cool Touch handle for ease in carrying

Key Features

• Manual - Two Heat Settings, Adjustable Thermostat
-Colors: Gray, White, Black

• Digital – Two Heat Settings, Programmable Thermostat, 4 Hour Timer, Remote Control
-Color Black

These would make for great Christmas gifts too, the digital one that I have warms my living room great and it costs under $50.

Price & Availability

• Manual units MSRP $29.99

• Digital unit MSRP $39.99

• Manual units available at WalMart, Target,

Best Buy and Amazon.

• Digital unit available at Best Buy, Meijer and


**Only use these heaters on floor, table tops, and desktops. DO NOT use in wet, or damp areas!

Disclosure: I was given the product featured in this post in exchange for this writing this post.

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