Family Pizza Night with Rustic Crust

October might be the official National Pizza Month, but we can have family pizza night anytime we want it! We do not need a specified date or month for pizza! Sometimes we will order pizza, but most of the time I will make homemade pizza and I add lots of cheese, unlike those fast food, take out, pizza places!

I normally make my own pizza dough, but recently discovered Rustic Crust, the maker of organic and all-natural pizza crusts and sauce, and I am pretty sure that they have won everyone over here in our home!

Rustic Crust wants to encourage your family to spend time together and have a family pizza night! These crusts are really super yummy and fun to top---you kids would love to help you!

I took the crust out of the package and brushed it with olive oil.

Next, I spread the pizza sauce all over the top, sprinkled with lots of cheese and added pepperonis.

And then I just followed the baking directions on the back of the package--easy peasy!

Family pizza night around a game of pool--From the kid's expressions, they might have been wanting to eat the pizza first, instead of waiting for their turn to play pool!

She was either in deep thought about the game or imagining how the pizza was going to taste! 

Whether you play games or just want to have time in the kitchen with your family, Rustic Crust can help you with your family pizza night!

All Rustic Crust ready-made crusts are:
· Made using traditional, Old World baking methods: Hand formed and double proofed for flavor

· Use delicious, all natural ingredients: Select herbs and spices, no GMOs or artificial ingredients

· Healthy for the whole family: Unbleached whole grain flours, no trans fats and no added sugar

· Convenient ready-made pizza crusts that are ready to enjoy in minutes

· Oversized Rounds for extra value

· Made in the USA

Disclosure: I was sent the product featured in this post in exchange for this post.

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