How are you Celebrating National Ice Cream Day, on July 19th?

July 19th is National Ice Cream Day; how are you celebrating? Hopefully you are celebrating with your favorite ice cream!

Breyers, Good Humor, Klondike, MAGNUM Ice Cream, Fruttare and Popsicle – offer a wide range of products and flavors that range from refreshing to indulgent; in fact, in 2015 alone they launched 16 new varieties across the portfolio!

For the person who loves…

-Salty and Sweet: Klondike Caramel Pretzel, MAGNUM Double Peanut Butter, and MAGNUM Almond and are just a few which master the timeless combination.

-Mint and Chocolate: Some of the new varieties in 2015 include Good Humor Girl Scouts Thin Mints Bar, Breyers Gelato Indulgences Mint Chocolate, and Klondike Mint Fudge Cookie Kandy Bar.

-Fruity Desserts: Fruttare frozen fruit bars are made with real, delicious fruit, and this year, the brand is moving towards sustainably sourcing every piece of fruit. Flavors include Strawberry, Coconut & Milk, Banana & Milk, Mango, and more. (Bonus: they start at only 60 calories a bar!)

-Candy: Popsicle Tootsie Pop – one of the brand’s newest varieties – surely won’t disappoint; for non-Tootsie Pop lovers, try Popsicle Airheads or Popsicle Sour Patch Kids.

-Anything Vanilla: Breyers offers several varieties: Natural Vanilla (America’s favorite Vanilla!), French Vanilla, Extra Creamy Vanilla, Homemade Vanilla, ½ the Fat, Sugar Free, etc.

-The Classics: Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy same of the classics – Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake Bar, Good Humor Chocolate Éclair, Giant Vanilla Sandwich, Cherry Popsicle, and more.

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