Softsoap Hydrating Shower Cream and Exfoliating Fruit Polish

With all the snow and ice forecast here recently, and now rain everyday this week---I am so ready for summer. Where we live at, during the summer months, we do not get much rain, and when we do it is just a nice thunder shower that might last 5-10 minutes; which excites me. I like warm summer days and I like the scents that come a long with summer too.

I am just ready for warmer weather, my skin is ready for warmer weather! During the winter months, my skin gets so dry that some areas almost scream for moisturizers!

I was recently introduced to a couple of new body washes from Softsoap; one is a hydrating shower cream and the other one is an exfoliating fruit polish.

The Softsoap Fresh & Glow Hydrating Shower Cream is made with 100% real extracts sourced from milk, coconuts and almonds. The unique formula is proven to lock-in long-lasting moisture to hydrate skin leaving it soft and heels and elbows are much softer!

The Softsoap Fresh & Glow Exfoliating Fruit Polish is made with a 100% real extract sourced from kiwi and the smell of this one---it screams spring time! The unique formula is packed with apricot seeds that exfoliate, making my skin feel smoother!

Both of these washes can be purchased at most retailers nationwide.

Disclosure: I was given the product featured to help facilitate this post. Read my disclosure policy here.

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