bistroMD Healthy Snacks for the Snacker in your Life

I have always been a snacker, love to snack on food and gum---yes, gum! I chew it until the flavor is gone and then it's time for a new piece. Snacking is fun, it might not be too healthy at times; depending on what you are snacking on, but fun nonetheless!

bistroMD has several sugar free snacks that I have enjoyed snacking on over the last few days! The sugar free lemon cheesecake and sugar free chocolate cheesecake are packed with flavor and are literally out of this world amazing.

My oldest son (19) even devoured the vanilla FORTE, he only left the empty carton. I recommend the Forte High Protein Gelato; it provides a healthier twist on ordinary gelato without sacrificing taste, texture or flavor! I am okay with him pulling one of these out of the freezer at midnight when he working on his college homework---And I am sure that all parents can relate, you always want to have healthy options on hand that they can eat---no matter how old your child gets!

While most think of bistroMD as healthy food to help you lose weight, they also have plans geared toward Gluten Free and Diabetics and ladies, they even have plans geared toward menopause! So we ladies are set for life!

Whatever you look at, make sure you take a look at all their snack items, the ones I have tried not only taste good, but are good for you!

More about the founders of bistroMD
Affectionately called The Foodie and The M.D., Ed and Caroline Cederquist have been happily married for over 20 years, and have been working together to change lives for almost as long.

Both Ed and Caroline were all too familiar with weight issues growing up. Experiencing personal journeys with weight loss and living for weight management, for Ed and Caroline, it's not about being on a diet, but embracing a healthy lifestyle change. This means having a program that is easy to follow that doesn't sacrifice taste for nutritional quality.

By combining their love for great-tasting real food with the unique knowledge that food is medicine, the duo has formed and sustains one of the most successful weight loss programs in the industry.

Their family values have allowed the couple to stay grounded, as well as their family of four children. Keeping the tradition alive that you don't have to be a huge conglomerate to change lives, Ed and Caroline are proud to be thought leaders in a field where people can experience life-transforming wellness

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