Krusteaz Bacon, Apple, Fontina Flatbread For The Big Game

Forget Pizza Delivery this SuperBowl. Make Flatbreads instead!
While pizza makers huddle in preparation of the year's biggest pizza delivery day, you can create delicious flatbread pizzas right at home. Recipes like Krusteaz's Grilled Flatbread Pepperoni Pizza and even light recipes like the Little Guilt Grilled Flatbread and Thai Chicken Flatbread with Homemade Light Peanut Sauce showcase simple ingredients that will be winners with fans of all ages.

I received a few Krusteaz flat bread mixes to try and on the back of the whole wheat mix box was a recipe that included bacon---and I knew that I had to try it!

Each box of flatbread mixes, that I received, will make two flatbreads, so I made two of these and it is a good thing that I did, there were only three pieces left over for a snack the next day.

Here is what you need for this recipe:
1 Box of Krusteaz Whole Wheat Flatbread mix
*Follow directions on box to make the flatbread
1-2 apples sauteed (if you really like sauteed apples then use two of them).
Fontina cheese
Bacon--as much as you would like! 
*Confession on the bacon--I cut my bacon up before I fried it, then drained it and sprinkled across the flatbreads. Usually I will cook the bacon whole and then burn my fingers trying to break it up (I know, I know--I could let it cool and be fine, but I get in a rush!).

After you make the mix up and it has risen, roll or press it out flat, and top with sauteed apples, cheese and bacon. And then bake until the flatbread is browned around the edges. I loved the fact that once I shut my oven door, it was ready in about ten minutes!

The only thing I suggest doing different than what I did would be to put the apples and bacon on first and then spread the cheese across those two ingredients.

With Superbowl coming up in just a few days, I know this recipe will be a hit with your family and friends too!

Krusteaz flatbread mixes are available in popular flavors like Garlic & Onion, Italian Herb and Whole Wheat. Krusteaz Flatbread mixes first hit shelves in September 2014. The mixes are sold at most national grocery chains for approximately $2.59. You can also find additional flatbread inspiration at

Disclosure: I received the product featured to help facilitate this post. Read my disclosure policy here.

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