Sprout Foods are great for breakfast in the car or lunch boxes

Mornings can be very busy, especially trying to get everyone fed and out the door. Now, throw school into the mix of those already busy mornings or that panic feeling of getting half way to school and your child realizes they forgot their back pack....sigh!

Don't fret, I can help you with one thing, breakfast! 

When your mornings are rushed and breakfast seems like it is not going to happen, grab an organic Sprout smoothie or a bag of Sprout crunch bites or mixes for your little one before heading out the door.

Back in the spring, Sprout Foods launched Sprout Rise, Three new lines of breakfast foods specially designed for busy families. The new collection features organic, all-natural ingredients and high protein and fiber content.

The new lines are:
1) Smoothies
Energy: Kiwi Banana, Strawberry Banana, and Tropical Orange
Protein: Berry Acai Yogurt, Berry Cherry Yogurt, and Peach Orange Yogurt
Supergrain: Apple Cinnamon, Honey Banana, and Pear Pineapple

2) Multi-grain Crunch Bites
The Sprout Rise Morning Multigrain Crunch Bites are organic, bite-sized, crunchy cereal pillows made
with whole and multi-grains and real fruit and veggie fillings. The ready-to-eat, protein and fiber rich
crunch bites make a great tasting breakfast replacement or mid-morning snack. Flavors include Red
Berry & Beet, Orange Fruit & Carrot and Purple Berry & Carrot.

3) Fruit & Nut Granola Mixes – great for breakfast in the car or lunch boxes.
The Sprout Rise Morning Fruit & Nut Granola Mixes are organic blends of nuts, seeds, raisins, and the
following truly unique ingredients: crispy fruit chews made with real fruit and veggies and whole grain
crisped rice, crunch bites that feature real fruit and veggie fillings inside a whole grain cereal shell, and
crunchy granola chips made with ancient grains and nuts and sweetened with honey. The mixes have
plenty of protein and fiber, and flavors include Purple Berry Raisin, Red Berry Raisin and Orange Peach

While for most, eating breakfast in the car is not ideal, but sometimes you have too! The next time you are at the store, pick up some organic Sprout smoothies, crunch bites or Sprout Foods' mixes...your child's tummy will thank you!

Disclosure: I was given product to facilitate this review; read my disclosure policy here.

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