Softsoap Citrus Samba and Rainforest Escape Body Wash Review

I love body washes, a girl cannot have too many of them. I have tried some duds before, no lather, no scent---seriously who wants to use a body wash that does not have a nice scent to it; I do not!

I have never been disappointed with any of the Soft Soap body washes that I have tried! They always lather up really good and I love all the scents that I have tried too.

Recently our family got to try Softsoap Citrus Samba and Softsoap Rainforest Escape---both body washes smelled amazing and lathered up great!

The Softsoap Citrus Samba left my skin feeling soft & smooth, while the invigorating scent of sweet orange filled the bathroom and bedroom, matter of fact the scent inspired my husband to do a little Samba when I walked out from showering----wished I had gotten that on video!

The Softsoap Rainforest Escape also left skin feeling soft and smooth, while the scent of Coconut and Lime made me so relaxed----good thing the bedroom was just through the door way! I turned the ceiling fan on and drifted off to sleep, pretty quickly!

Both body washes costs around $3.50 and can be found at retailers nation wide.

Disclosure: I was given product for this review. Read my disclosure policy here.

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