Shark Steam and Spray Mop ----Best "Mop" I have ever used!

I can remember being a little girl (late 1970's) growing up, in the country, in a small Texas town, and in the summers were hot and we were always filthy from playing outside most of the day. In the afternoons, I always had to take a nap and I can remember lying on the hard floor, writing my name on the dusty floor. Everything got pretty dusty in Texas!

I can remember my mom boiling water and then pouring it out all over the living room floor, let it set and then mopped it up. Those floors would be so clean for when I would come for dinner that evening---she cleaned the floors like this everyday!

So I was a little giggly when my Shark Steam and Spray mop arrived! Probably a little too much, I have always used a couple of the 'other' non-steam brands and have never been that impressed with them, because my floors still needed some TLC (scrubbing) from an old fashion kind of mop!

A couple of the men in our home work in a wear house and their shoes get so greasy, so imagine my floors; especially the most traveled floors---the bathrooms!

Look at that dirt! This is right in front of their bathroom sink where they immediately go to clean up...with their greasy shoes still on!

Shark Steam and Spray at work, look at all that grease and dirt it is getting up!

This is after ONE time of using the Shark Steam and Spray! 

The finish product! I took a closeup picture so you could see how well the Shark Steam and Spray mop worked!

The Shark Steam and Spray comes with:
Shark Pro Steam & Spray Mop
1 bottle Shark Steam Energized Cleanser
1 Washable Cleaning Pad
2 SaniFiber Disposable Pads
4 AA batteries
Water tank filling flask
quick start guide
owner’s manual

We have used the washable cleaning pad several times and it holds up really really well.
3 Cleaning Modes
Spray – quick cordless clean ups
Steam & Spray

The Shark Steam and Spray is easy to put together, it takes four AA batteries for the cleanser to work (batteries are included!) and for the water to heat up and steam to come out you do have to plug the cord in----see really simple to use!

The Shark Steam and Spray mop sure beats heating water to boiling and pouring it all over the floor to clean the floors like my Mamma did back then!

Disclosure: I was given product to facilitate this review; read my disclosure policy here.

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