Scanning is just a Click Away with the ZCAN Scanner Mouse

The Zcan Scanner Mouse is one of the coolest things that we have ever reviewed. The Zcan Scanner Mouse is a scanner which is integrated into a computer mouse which works with both Windows and Mac. With it, you can scan to word, excel or powerpoint in only 30 seconds. Plus you can share any scan instantly through Facebook, Twitter or email.

You can scan anything you want, notes, addresses, phone numbers, recipes from a magazine. The Zcan Scanner Mouse uses Google Translate™ which means you can scan things in 71 languages. You can even search images with it. Just scan the image you want to search, click on the apps button and there you will see Google search with image.

To use it, place what you want to scan under the top layer of the scan pad, click the ZCAN+ button on top to start, swipe over what you need and press again to stop. Then you will just paste the scanned material into your documents or share instantly.

My husband was playing around with it and scanned the above picture and sent it to me. Once the image was on the computer, he could have chosen to edit the image and then save to either jpg, doc, pdf, txt, exl, or png; or he could have clicked on the share button and sent it to Facebook, Twitter, Flicker or email. One neat feature discovered while scanning the above picture was as the scanner mouse was moved back and forth it "put" the image together----no overlapping whatsoever!

When purchasing the Zcan Scanner Mouse, you will get, of course, the scanner mouse, zcan pad, DVD with software and an instruction manual

You will need a computer running Windows 7® or Mac OS® X 10.6 or anything newer, at least 1.2 Ghz Core Duo CPU speed, 128mb of graphics memory, 2GB of ram and 1 GB of free space.

They are also working on a wireless version of this scanner mouse which would be super cool.

The wireless version of this mouse will be so cool for college students needing to scan pages of books to take back to the dorm room for those huge research papers! Or for my daughter who likes to look up hair designs, she could just scan the articles, from the magazines, at the Orthodontists' office, save it, and always have it with her for when she needs to look something up!

They have launched an Indiegogo campaign to help complete the development of Zcan Wireless.

Disclosure: I was given product to facilitate this review; read my disclosure policy here.

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