Vitafusion MultiVites #Review

My husband is always on me to take vitamins and I am always like okay honey and never do. My brain knows we need vitamins, but I just do not like to swallow pills! Never have---and probably never will!

But there is one vitamin that I have been taking for almost a month now, that I do not have to swallow, and that is Vitafusion MultiVites. They are the perfect alternative to hard-to-swallow pills because they are gummies, yes, a gummy; something I can chew!

Two gummies provide as much as one cup of broccoli for your vitamin A, as much as one tangerine for your vitamin C and as much as 5oz of salmon for your vitamin D3.

For a vitamin, they are very tasty too---matter of fact, I will sometimes say dessert time when taking them! I love the flavors of natural berry, peach, and orange!

Like I said earlier, I have been taking these vitamins for almost a month and I have noticed that I am not as tired as I usually am---before taking these vitamins I was tired all the time---seriously all the time!

If you have children, let them try L'il Critter Gummy Vites---kids need vitamins too!

Another thing that I find neat about both of these vitamins is they are both made n the USA!

Disclosure: I was given product for this review. Read my disclosure policy here.

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