Whole Foods | Grocery Shopped for FREE---Squashing a Myth!

To squash the myth that Wholes Foods does not take FREE product coupons from the manufactures----well they do!

I called first to ask before making the trip and the lady I talked to was super helpful and then as I was checking out the cashier was like wow---so I gave her some of my goodies!

I am working on several product reviews, and received several manufacturer coupons to purchase these items for free to use in my keep your eyes peeled for that post ( it will include giveaways--just a little FYI!)

Disclosure: I was given product coupons for this purchase Read my disclosure policy here.

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  1. Such a great way to earn coupons!! Great job - love Whole Foods, too! :)

    Come join up on my site I also post weekly Freebies where I include deals at Whole Foods!

    Thanks for sharing!