SDD Prevention Kit #Review {Big Sexy Hair Care Products}

Some days my hair is just lifeless---I call those days "Lifeless hair days"!  It’s not a cute look at all, but we have all had them...Style Disaster Days (SDD). Given this tragic and widespread epidemic, Sexy Hair created an SDD Prevention Kit, $5.00 SRP (a $23 value), sold exclusively on

My favorite is the Big Sexy Hair Spray. I love that stuff, it is the best holding spray that I have ever used. Seriously! I just spray it and my hair stays in the same position for hours. My hair is not sticky from the spray either and it is easy to brush through at night before I go to bed.

Because the SDD Prevention Kit are sample sizes, they are perfect for just throwing them in your purse or packing them to take on a trip---they take up no room whatsoever!

For more information and to see what other products they offer, visit their website HERE

Disclosure: I was given product for this review. Read my disclosure policy here.

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