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With four children, we do a lot of picture taking. We have hundreds and hundreds of pictures our children---especially our oldest one.

We were taking pictures of our first born before he ever made his appearance into this world. We would take pictures of my very big belly, and of course there were those sonogram pictures that everyone wanted a copy of!

We took snap shots of all his "first" moments and went to portrait studios to have professional pictures made of just the three of us....every couple of months.

Then the twins came along, and the camera's kept flashing! I'm sure we are just like many other parents out there---we love to take pictures of our children.

By the time our fourth child came along (four days before the twins first birthday). We were tired! Oh, we still took snap shots, but the trips to the portrait studio came to a halt--those trips just didn't dwindle down, those trips stopped altogether; it was just too much to get four babies under the age of two years old (yes, we had four children under the age of two years--remember we cheated and had twins!) to smile at the same time, look at the camera at the same time, to all be happy when the photographer was ready to snap that picture!

The last family picture that we had made was when our youngest was a year old---no one was cooperating, not even we parents. I could sense the photographer was getting irritated, not so much at our children, but at my husband and I---because we wanted the perfect shot. We have NEVER had another professional family picture made since that time; until about a year ago!

Last year our oldest child graduated from high school, so while getting his senior pictures made, the photographer asked if we wanted a family one done. I immediately said yes! Even though we were in casual clothing, it was still a family portrait.

So when Easy Canvas Prints gave me an 8 X 10 canvas for this review, my husband and I knew which photo we were going to use.

Easy Canvas Prints was so easy to use and I just love finally having a family portrait/canvas that I can display in our home after all these years!

Disclosure: I received product for this Mother's Day gift guide--- Read my disclosure policy here.

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