Blue Star Toys and Christmas Items, Only $0.25 at Dollar General!

This has been confirmed nationwide, even if prices are not marked at your local store.

To find blue star toys, look for the symbol below the yellow price tag on the front of the product. These toys will not be in a certain area, so you will have to search the store to locate these items. Make sure to look on the top shelves too---many older toys are kept on the top shelves that line the perimeter of the store.

All Christmas items are also ringing up for $0.25, including: candy, yard decor, tree decor, baking supplies, Glade Holiday, food storage and even holiday baking products like stuffing, dessert mixes and spices! These items may be located in their regular seasonal aisle, in the middle aisles of the store, on end caps, or in the clearance section. So you just have too look-----take the kids and turn it into a scavenger hunt!

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