The Best Places to Find Coupons

With the cost of the Sunday paper on the rise, people have stopped using coupons or at least not as many coupons as they have used in the past.

Once upon a time, I would buy 10 Sunday papers each week, until the price just from $0.99 up to $2.50 for each paper! {Ouch!}. Sure I could buy a subscription to the local paper and save a little, but not much! So what is a girl to do??? Stop couponing---I don't think so!

In this post I am going to give you several ways that you can obtain a good stash of coupons...other than from the Sunday paper.

1. Buy the paper---if you do this, check the paper stands at Dollar Tree or Dollar General and only pay $1 for your paper (non in our area).

2. Ask friends for their coupons---if you live in an apartment complex ask your many neighbors...:)

3. From the gym or coffee shops---many people will take their papers to these places, read them and leave them.

4. Try a clipping service---Pay someone to clip your coupons for you,

5. Ebay---If you decide to go this route, please just be careful and only buy from someone with a great ranking, located in the USA and to sweeten the deal more, make sure they offer free shipping.

6. Dumpster Diving---Yes really! Actually recycle bins, you know the non food dumpsters. If you even think about going this route, I do highly recommend getting permission from the owners or the blue lights might just show up, and that would not be good!

7. From the Stores---Many stores will have coupons through out them, from red-blinkie machines, peelies, tear pads---even in the sales ads themselves.

8. Print the coupons---Print coupons from trusted sites like, Redplum, Smartsource, and Coupon Network. You can print a max of two (2) like coupons per computer (If you have 2 computers, ipads, laptops, can print 4 like coupons, 10 computers, you can print 20 and so on.

9. Coupon Swap Shops---local couponers will meet a couple times a month and swap coupons, most of these are held at the library, or people homes.

10. Facebook and Twitter---Follow your favorite brands on these two sites for coupons that you can either print or receive in the mail.
Have another place that get your coupons from, leave a comment below.

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