Pizza Cookie Dessert--Featured in "A Month Full of Recipes"

This rich Pizza Cookie is not for the faint of heart, --- but you have got to try it! 
::Cookie dough of your choice, we used chocolate chip (store bought, stick)
mash it out and shape into a circle, bake on 350 degrees and until golden brown (the bottom should be a little crunchy).
::Let it cool
::Spread Hot Fudge on top of cookie--we heated ours so it would spread better
::Once the hot fudge cooled we spread Cool Whip on top of the hot fudge
::Sprinkle with nuts (of your choice, we used pecans)
::Drizzle with Carmel Sundae ice cream topping
::Place Maraschino cherries around the outside of the cookie.
::Eat with a glass of milk

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