The Best Ways to Save at the Grocery Store

The best way to save at the store is to follow a local blogger-- There are many great blogs out there, but you will save the most money by following a “local” blogger because they will know what is on sale at your “local” store.

1. Use coupons only on items that are on sale—if you really need something and it’s not on sale, buy the smallest size, this usually results in the best per unit price.

2. Get coupons from online, from magazines, from the store circulars, from friends, product labels, and anywhere else you might find them! But the best place to find coupons is from your Sunday paper!

3. Subscribe to your Sunday paper, twice---you can have more than one subscription to a paper.

4. Prepare-- Know what’s on sale and know what ingredients you will need for your meal preparation that week.

5. Make a list-- You will not remember everything you need, and then you won’t have what you need for your meal prep for that week.

6. If it’s on sale, stock up. The groceries I bring home often look really “lopsided” – I may buy 6 boxes of popcorn one week and then 8 boxes of granola bars the next week. But by shopping this way, we are always using items bought at the lowest price.

7. Shop at a store that doubles coupons!

8. Don’t be brand loyal--Unless you are really attached to a certain item, buy the brand on sale and make sure you are using a coupon.

9. Try new products-- When new grocery items are introduced, you can often get them for almost free for several weeks as the stores put them on sale and the manufacturer issues lots of coupons to get people to try the new item.

10. Use your freezer-- If meats, bread, tortillas, cheese, or other “semi-perishables” are on sale, fill your freezer. For the next several weeks, you’ll be using these items at their lowest price.

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