1,000 ways to Save Money - Part 8

If you missed part 7, then go here to check it out.

#49 Date Night at Home
I love spending time with my husband and I LOVE any chance that we get to spend together just by ourselves. We have four children and I love them with all of my heart, but time with my husband is very precious to me.
--A few months after we had our first child, it was my husband's birthday and I remember money was tight, even with us both working. I knew what I WANTED to buy him , but could was too expensive; so instead I prepared his favorite meal, put a picnic blanket on the living room floor, lit a few candles, put our son to bed(at that time my husband worked second shift). We sat on the blanket, ate our food, and the rest is history! It turned out to be one of our most 'favorite' date nights since we have been married, and it all took place at home with very little investment.

I am only doing one money saving idea this week because my husband and I are enjoying some much needed R & R! I am so happy to get to spend a few days with him.

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