1,000 ways to Save Money - Part 7

If you missed part 6, then go here to check it out.

#43 Use all your Printer ink
Instead of running out and buying another ink cartridge, when the light comes on, just take your cartridge out and give it a good shake and then keep on using it. My low ink light came on last month so I took it out and gave it a good shake (I have actually done this 3 times) and I am still printing. I realize that I will have to buy one soon, but it has been a month since my light first came on.

#44 Buy Ink Refills instead of Cartridges
I have found that buying ink refills(you know the ink that you use a syringe to refill your cartridge) is cheaper than buying cartridges most of the time UNLESS you find a great sale. I do it myself and pay $19.99 for the black refill--going on my second year. However, my Walgreens will do it for $9.99 for the black refill.

#45 Make good use of ALL your printer paper
I print ALOT of coupons and sometimes I come across a coupon, print it and it only prints one. I cut it out and still have more than half of the paper left. I will then reuse that paper to print another coupon or give it to one of my children to use for scratch paper. We have even used the scraps of the printing paper (after cutting coupons) for mosaics.

#46 Buy your contacts online
I wear contacts. I go get my eyes examined and then the eye doctor will write me a prescription. I then come home and order my contacts online from You can save a lot of money by ordering your contacts online instead of buying them from your eye doctor. But before ordering make sure that you check to see if there is a coupon code that you might could use to make your purchase an even sweeter deal!
*You must have a recent, up to date prescription in order to order your contacts online.
**You can also take your prescription to Walmart and them fill it there. Walmart will be cheaper than your eye doctor as well.
*** If you are a member of mypoints or ebates then buy through them to earn points or cash back on your purchase from .

#47 Buy your eye glasses online too
Let me say up front that I have NEVER bought my eye glasses online but I have close family members that do and they swear by it. You can go to Zenni Optical to check it do have to do some measuring before placing your order. Also keep in mind that you will NOT be able to try the glasses on before you buy them. If you only wear your glasses a small amount of time, like when you don't have your contacts in, then this might be just for you. Zenni Optical has glasses starting as low as $8.00. If you try this let me know what you think.

#48 Sign up for FREEBIES
You might be thinking what good will one granola bar do could be part of your husband's lunch one day. Or why sign up for samples of lotion...well everyone gets dry skin from time to time. Why sign up for free samples of could be your child's breakfast one morning. Why sign up for free samples of shampoo .... we all need to wash our hair, and it can be hard to fit even $1 purchase of shampoo into our budgets these days for
some. Why sign up for B1G1 Free restaurant deals... it is nice to go out and eat every once in a while, or you might have UNEXPECTED guests to come for a visit and they want to go eat, if you had a b1g1 coupon for a certain restaurant then you could suggest the restaurant for the evening, go eat and enjoy the evening without breaking the bank.
*I know of a great place to find these kinds of deals as are on it! I try to anyways!

Do you have ways that you save money, if so, I would LOVE to hear about it!

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