1,000 ways to Save Money - Part 6

My Apologies for not being able to post last week's money saving ideas. I came down with double pneumonia and was in the hospital for a few days, but now that I am feeling better, I am trying to get back on track with my weekly posts.

You can go here if you missed part 5 of these post.

#38 Make your own treats at home
Have an ice cream night (just finished with ours!) (YUM) My husband just made milkshakes (ice cream, bananas and strawberries) a whole lot cheaper then going out to buy them. Plus we still have ingredients left over to do it again!

#39 Quit using paper towels (gasp!)
I have tried does save a lot of money, but other family members were not too happy about not having paper towels in the house. The reason I tried this was because my husband bought a multi roll pack for a little over $16 a couple of months ago. I was so shocked at the price, needless to say they were not on sale. After using ALL the paper towels up we went with out any for 3 weeks. I used rags and dish towels to clean up any messes, spills, etc.. We saved quite a bit of money, but have gone back to buying paper towels I BUY THEM NOW only on sale. With our little experiment, we HAVE cut back on the use of P-Towels.

#40 Use Soap and Water
Do not want to pay extra for those expensive cleaners or just simply can't. Then use soap and water. Soap and water have been around a lot longer and sometimes works just as good as those expensive cleaners. Some people even make their own cleaners and the main ingredient is soap and water.

#41 Do NOT pay to watch movies
From time to time we will have movie night with our homemade movies. We will pull out videos of when our children were babies and watch them until wee hours in the morning. If you have Internet service you can also watch movies or TV shows on (I have mentioned this before). If you happened to have a Family Video close to you can rent children's videos for absolutely FREE. All children videos, ALL the time are FREE. You can rent any number for free except for on the weekend and then they prefer you to only rent two free videos then...I can live with that! You can also borrow movies from friends or check them out from your local library.

#42 Simply put some money aside each month
OK, one way that I save money is too simply put some aside every month, whether it is $5.00 or $10.00 or more a month. Every little bit that you can put aside and not touch is that much more saved! Before you know it you will have a nice little stash!

OK, now it is your turn, please leave a comment and let me know how you save money each month!


  1. Concerning tip #41: It's, not

  2. Thank you for catching my typo :) I have fixed it now.