Explore the Magical World of Fairies through The Irish Fairy Door

The Irish Fairy Door Company encourages children to expand their imaginations by exploring the magical world of fairies with their award-winning handmade Irish fairy doors. These doors help fairies easily relocate into human homes, classrooms, gardens and woods and provide a beautiful and unique way for children and parents to interact and play through the power of imagination and belief.

Once in place, the creative team at Fairy HQ ensures direct access to Fairy Valley, so the magic continues long after the fairy has moved in. Fairy Valley boasts ongoing magical messages, play ideas and stories delivered to children and parents who register their fairy’s name on the website, via email or at the brands immersive app.

The Irish Fairy Door would make for a great Christmas of birthday gift for your little one. 

Disclose: I received the product featured to be included in my HGG-no money exchanged hands.

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