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Since today is International Cat Day, I thought it would be fun to share a few cat idiomz with all you cat lovers out there!

1) English: There’s more than one way to skin a cat
Translation: There are many different ways to solve a problem

2) Turkish: Dokuz canlı kedi
Translation: Cat with nine lives

3) Avere sette vite come i gatti
Translation: To have seven lives like a cat

4) French: Retomber comme un chat sur ses pattes
a. Translation: To land like a cat on his feet
b. Meaning: To be lucky or successful after being in a difficult situation

5) Spanish: ¿Se te ha comido la lengua el gato?
a. Translation: Did the cat eat your tongue?
b. Meaning: Why aren’t you talking?

6) Portuguese: Gato escaldado tem medo de água fria
a. Translation: A scalded cat fears cold water
b. Meaning: To be traumatized by a bad experience

7) German: Wenn die Katze aus dem Haus ist, tanzen die Mäuse auf dem Tisch
a. Translation: When the cat’s out of the house, the mice will dance on the table

8) Croatian: Kad mačke nema, miševi vode kolo
a. Translation: When the cat’s gone, the mice lead the *kolo*
b. Meaning: When the boss is away, someone under them calls the shots

9) Hindi: Nau Sau Choohey Khakar Billi Hajj Ko Chali
a. Translation: After eating 900 rats, the cat goes on a pilgrimage
b. Meaning: To veil a lifetime of wrongdoing with a few token expressions of virtue later in life

10) Romanian: Nu arunca pisica în curtea altuia
a. Translation: Don’t throw the cat in someone else’s yard
b. Meaning: Don’t blame someone else

11) Swedish: Om natten är alla katter grå
a. Translation: At night, all cats are grey

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