Cabo Chips | A Healthy Tortilla Chip, Really?

Born on the beautiful beaches of Baja, Mexico, Cabo Chips are 100% whole grain classic cantina style tortilla chips that are inspired by the vibrant atmosphere of Cabo San Lucas.

These all natural chips are cooked the traditional way – cut from fresh tortillas that are batch cooked for a true cantina crunch! Cabo Chips use only real ingredients, no “flavorings,” for authenticity you can taste.

Our family recently had the opportunity to sample Cabo Chips and we loved them! They were a hit with my whole family and did not last very long in our home!

The first bag that we tried was BLUE CORN CABO CHIPS---yummo! Each chip you can taste a hint of lime, and sea salt. We ate these by their-selves, but my husband said these would be great with my Texas Trash Bean Dip ( I think he was hinting that I make some...but I didn't!)

I have no complaints on any of the chips that we tried, and these ORIGINAL CABO CHIPS would be great with salsa! These have a int of lime juice as well as soy sauce---talk about a combination; brilliant creation!

CABO CHIPS' unique mango flavor is brought up to date with a pinch of organic mild chili pepper, sea salt, and a splash of real lime juice for a taste combination that's surprisingly perfect!

But I think my favorite are the Churro! Crunchy with a pinch of cinnamon and sugar on each chip---Yum!

Here are a few recipes where you can use the CHURRO CABO CHIPS!

-Mexican Fried Ice Cream: place Churro chips in the toaster oven for 5 minutes on low heat. When finished, scoop a dollop of your favorite vanilla bean ice cream on top, and finish with a drizzle of honey or fresh berries.
-Chocolate: simply take your favorite chocolate bar or semi sweet milk or dark chocolate chips and microwave for 45 seconds. Either dip the Churro chip directly in and eat for a warm and gooey treat, or place on cooling rack after dipping to let chocolate set. 
-Caramel: cinnamon and caramel are a delicious pair. Simply dip Cabo Chips' Churro chip into a bowl of caramel, and top with fresh whipped cream for added decadence.

-Nutella: place a few spoonfuls of this yummy hazelnut spread in the microwave for 30 seconds, then drizzle over the Churro Cabo Chips for a quick and easy sweet treat.

Any of these chips would be perfect for this upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Leave them in the bag or dump them into a bowl, regardless; grab you a few before you leave them, because these chips will not last long!

Cabo Chips are available in select food chains such as Whole Foods, and others, as well as direct purchase online at

For more information, visit

Disclosure: Our family was sent CABO CHIPS to sample and to help facilitate this post.

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