Wrapped in Love Clothing Review

Me holding my Mother's hand after she had been placed on Hospice Care.

My mother was getting ready to be discharged from the hospital the next morning, but that never happened. During the night she had a set back, she had Dementia, and her brain was telling her body no, you are not coming back from this, it's time to go to sleep and rest.

In late June of 2014, my mother was taken to the hospital because of a kidney problem, she stayed for a few days, was given medicine and was even getting ready to be discharged the next morning. I get a text from my sister saying that momma had taken a turn for the worse and the doctor was not giving her long to live...this was Friday. The following Monday my mother was placed on Hospice care and my husband and I was trying to get there as fast as we could. My mother was in the hospital in Oklahoma and we live in South Carolina---so it was a long drive and we were racing against the clock.

As my husband and I entered the room, there lay my momma in that hospital gown, she was asleep when we got there, and very hard to wake up. She was heavily sedated, but she did wake up and she did recognize both of us. She spoke just a little and immediately started pulling at her hospital gown. The nurse told her to quit that she had to leave the gown on, and I told the she did not!

For as long as I can remember, my mother had always loved bright, vibrant clothing so I slipped a shirt on over that gown, and momma didn't pull at that shirt---she just wanted something else on besides that gown! My husband and I were fortunate to have gotten to spend several days with my mother before the Lord called her home---and every day I changed her blouse to something of hers (something familiar) and she seemed to be content with her clothing after that.

You can find the rest of this story over on my Facebook and Twitter pages as I kept my readers updated over there through out our journey last July.

Recently, I have met a lady online, Karen, that has a similar story to mine...with one exception, she has created a clothing line called Wrapped in Love, while her mother was her inspiration, everyone can enjoy Karen's creativity--whether you have a loved one going through what our moms went through, or for new mothers to be, bring life into this world, or maybe someone you know is in the hospital just having a few tests to run, Wrapped in Love would be perfect for any stay that your lady friends might have.

Wrapped in Love ponchos are colorful-not to mention fun to wear, plus they are machine washable, just remove the flower pin before washing!

Here is Karen's Story:
A few years back my mom was admitted into the hospital just before Christmas. She had been very ill and each day her condition worsened.
My greatest hope was to have her remain with us for Christmas. 
I brought a beautiful wrap and put it over her patient gown so she could feel special that Christmas day. The nurses said she seemed to light up as I wrapped it around her, as she now felt dressed for the holiday, though having to remain in her patient gown. 
She passed away a few days later. 
Mom was the inspiration for my creation called Wrapped in Love, a lightweight, fashionable coverup wrap, that can go over a patient gown to make someone feel special during a challenging time. It comes in a variety of styles and cheerful colors. A matching head wrap is also available.
You can purchase one here at THIS LINK. 2% of all sales will be donated to Hospice of Michigan.

Disclosure: I was sent the product featured to help facilitate this post.

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