Shake up your Breakfast with Muesli

When I was a child, my mom would always cook breakfast for us, everyday! And it was usually the same breakfast every day, fried eggs, biscuits---4 biscuits were always sugar biscuits (yum!) and gravy. Every once in a while, we might have bacon to go with it, but not usually!

One morning, out of the blue, my dad came walking through the living room carrying something that looked like raw oats, with bananas slices on top soaked in milk. I instantly wanted to know what it was, and he said that mom was trying something new for breakfast. I wasn't too sure about that 'junk' he had in his bowl either.

So I went to the kitchen to get my bowl, sat down and ate the whole bowl. It was very tasty!

Recently I was introduced to Blueberry Chia Buck wheat MuesliThis reminds me of my breakfast that I had long ago, that my mother had prepared! However, Muesli is not granola or oatmeal, there’s no refined sugar - the only sweetness comes from organic honey and what naturally occurs in fruit.

Muesli can be eaten cold, hot or soaked in milk. For breakfast I have eaten it a couple of different ways. I have poured my Muesli in a bowl and added only milk to it and I have poured it over my favorite yogurt---yum! I love the coconut flakes and pumpkin seeds, not to mention the blueberries all mixed in with my yogurt! The next recipe that I am going to try is the Muesli Hot Cakes found on back of the bag! 

I know there are many are doing Gluten Free diets these days and you will be happy to know that Muesli is Gluten Free! 

Seven Sundays now has five muesli mixes that are available in 12 oz bags and 6 oz cups and available at nationwide at Target and many other fine regional grocery locations. 

To learn more about Seven Sundays, you can read Hannah and Brady's story HERE.

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