ChicWrap Dispensers Review

I like bright, pretty things in my kitchen, so I was excited when I received ChicWrap for review. ChicWrap is plastic, foil, and parchment paper in these colorful boxes that will brighten up any kitchen. 

The bright color boxes are not the only neat thing about ChicWrap---You leave the plastic, foil and wax paper in the box, pull out what you need and then use the blade to cut it off when you have pulled out the amount needed.

Watch this short video on how easy and convenient ChicWrap is to use---WATCH VIDEO NOW

And do not worry, there are setup instructions, on the box, how to use ChicWrap for those who do not watch the video or think they can figure it out on their my husband! I shared my ChicWrap with a friend and she loved them!

My favorite ChicWrap is the one pictured above...reminds me of Texas and the many barbecues that we would have growing up as a child. These would have been handy back then, because when we were done eating, the food would sit on the table (our grandmas would sit and 'try' to keep the flies off!) while we went swimming or played games and then we would come back for seconds and thirds!

ChicWrap is very Chic! You cannot walk into most supermarkets and buy it. You will need to purchase it online at, on Amazon or click this link to find a specialty store near you to buy it from.

Disclosure: I received ChicWrap for review -- Read my disclosure policy here.

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