The Proper Pillow Review

I always dread buying a new pillow and I do not do it often. Matter of fact, my husband is the one that actually does all the pillow purchasing for us. It has been many, many years since I have bought a pillow! When I find a pillow, that I like, I like to keep it...forever!

Each night, when I crawl into bed, I will put a pillow behind my back, usually two pillows (my husband's firm pillow and then my soft, squishy pillow, to help prop myself up while I look at Facebook, Twitter, or get caught up on emails.

Recently, I was sent The Proper Pillow to review. The Proper Pillow combines comfort, just enough softness and firmness, it 'props' me up great before I get ready to go to sleep. And then it provides alignment for my head, neck and spine....or at least I feel like I am getting the right kind of support.

Per their site, The Proper Pillow is suppose to help with:

::Neck pain and stiff neck
::Lower back pain
::Sleep apnea
::Snoring---my husband needs to try this pillow in the near future! He does snore a lot!

And I honestly do not know if it helps all of the above listed symptoms, but it did help me with stiff shoulders that I usually have when I get up in the mornings. It took me about three nights of sleeping on the pillow before I noticed a difference.

The Proper Pillow was designed for total comfort, total support and ease of use.
Some features:
::Standard Queen Size – 65cm x 45cm x 12cm
::4-Layer Design with Patent Pending Inner Orthotic
::Ergonomic construction comforts all body types
::Cooling comfort layer disperses excess body heat
::Non-latex, hygienic and washable---it's washable which is a big plus!

This pillow has a notch, or open spot, in the center that helps with aligning your neck and spine. It took about 3 nights for me to feel a difference. I was waking up and not feeling that horrible stiffness in my neck and shoulders like I had been feeling. This pillow has a higher side, and a lower side, so it's easy to find the most comfortable side of this pillow. 

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Disclosure: I was given the product featured to help facilitate this post. Read my disclosure policy here.

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