Get "Squashed" this Holiday Season

Oh the stories I could tell you of family game night. When our children were small, my husband and I played a certain board game four times in a row, with him winning the first three times and me winning the last time we played. Talk about being a sore loser! Him, not me! Geesh!

After my win, he did not speak to me for three days! I am serious, ask him for yourself!

Back then it was important that he won and important that I won---but over the years while playing games with our four children, winning every time is not as important as it once was....until we got Squashed!

Squashed is a 3D board game, and the object of the game is to be the last pawn standing. It has been the recipient of 2 awards in 2014 both the 2014 Family Fun Top 15 and 2014 Game of the Year in the Kid's Games Category from Creative Child Magazine.

This board game includes the following items:

  • King Piece
  • Squash Pad
  • a die
  • Squashed Cube
  • 16 pawns with 4 in each color {Orange, Green , Red, and Purple}

Game play is not difficult to master at all, but there is some strategy involved. It is recommended for ages 6 and up and you may have 2-4 players playing together.

It's a very basic game, with a really fun twist - "squashing" your opponents! Each player moves their pieces on all 4 sides of the cube, in an effort to spread out, and reach the "King" piece at the top. Once a player lands near the King, they can "squash" any side of the cube they choose, eliminating their opponents! The pieces pop right through when "squashed," landing inside the cube, which makes for easy cleanup. The rules are simple, it's challenging and strategic, and makes for a really unique game night, for sure!

Squashed is by far the neatest game I have seen in a long while. To stay connected with all of Plasmart innovative and imaginative games and toys visit their Facebook page, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest pages.

And go ahead and get "Squashed" this holiday season---it will be fun, it will make you think and it will certainly be the talk of all the games you play this season.

Buy it HERE.

Disclosure: I was given the above game to help facilitate this post. Read my disclosure policy here.

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