Give your Child an Adventure with Owlkids' Books

For those of you that have children, get them involved with books--get them reading! Read to them while they are still babies, teach them to love to read. There is a difference in reading and having a love to read.

When your child loves to read ( and can comprehend what they are reading) they can have so many different adventures, from being a princess, to a dragon slayer, from a cowboy, to a robot, from a champion race horse to a bear in the woods---but they have got to have a love for reading, and that starts with us parents!

Owlkids publishes entertaining, unique, high-quality books and magazines that nurture the potential of children and instill in them a love of reading and learning — about themselves and the world around them. With engaging writing, bold graphics, and the best children's authors, books from Owlkids are loved by parents, teachers, librarians, and — most importantly — kids!

With numerous books and three magazines covering various age groups, Owlkids' publications reach more than one million youngsters and their parents every year.

In 2008, Owlkids acquired the children's book publisher Maple Tree Press, adding over one hundred award-winning titles to our library.

For a full list of Owlkids Books titles, click here.

Owlkids' magazines go all the way up to the 13 year old. Their magazines include:

Chirp's innovative package of stories, puzzles, and activities is designed for 3- to 6-year-old children. The pages of Chirp are filled with lively illustrations and colorful photographs that encourage readers to laugh and learn.

chickaDEE is a fun, hands-on magazine for 6- to 9-year-old kids whose thirst for knowledge and appetite for humor are insatiable. Interactive stories, puzzles, comics, animal features, and science experiments educate and entertain readers.

OWL, for 9- to 13- year olds, provides readers with timely, reliable, and relevant information on the topics and issues that concern them — everything from sports and the environment to pop culture and peer relationships.

With Christmas coming up, you could give your children many adventures with these Owlkids' books wrapped up under the tree. You can purchase and browse more books HERE at their online store.

Disclosure, I was sent a few Owlkids' books to help facilitate this post: Read my disclosure policy here.

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