Alpina Avena Oatmeal Smoothies---Great for On-The-Go Breakfast or Snacks!

With all of our children working now, many mornings it is pop something in the toaster and eat on the way out the door or in the car. We are no different than millions of other families when it comes to our mornings.

There are six of us in our family and our mornings are very busy---cereal, in a bowl, with milk used to be a 'quick' breakfast---with everyone rushing around in the mornings, cereal eaten like that is no longer quick! I have seen my college student, pour cereal in a red plastic (throw away) cup and eat it on his way out the door!

And for those moms that are I do NOT get up and cook every morning!

With our family (and I am sure some of you can relate) it seems like we just get busier and busier and we need something to fuel all of this.....we need energy, we need snacks---we need good snacks! And this is where Alpina Avena Oatmeal Smoothies come in to play. Alpina Avena Oatmeal Smoothies come in several delicious flavors that are sure to help us climb any mountain! Nourishing the body while feeding the spirit, these oatmeal smoothies fuel our appetite for all that life has to offer us everyday!

Alpina Avena Oatmeal Smoothies come in these delicious flavors: Original, Light Original, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Strawberry and Dulce de Leche flavors. Our children all have their opinions on which they like best, but my two favorites are the Strawberry, and Dulce de Leche (Double Yum!).

An Alpina classic, Avena has been a South American staple for decades and has become a household favorite among kids and parents across the world--yes, the world! Avena is the combination of healthy oats and milk blended together into a smooth and creamy beverage that keeps you full, balanced and ready to take on the day.

Alpina Avena Oatmeal Smoothies can be purchased across the nation at many local grocery stores and supermarkets.

Leave a comment and let me know which flavor you think you might like the best.

Disclosure: I was given the product featured in this post to help facilitate this review.

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