Every Dorm needs a WeMo®-enabled True HEPA Smart Air Purifier

Keep the air in your home clean and pure for you and your family no matter where you are. The WeMo®-enabled True HEPA Smart Air Purifier can be controlled from anywhere using your smart device. Set a weekly schedule, receive air quality status, be informed when to adjust settings, and get filter reorder notifications. Set up is easy and the app works with the entire suite of WeMo® appliances.

The Holmes® True HEPA Smart Air Purifier WeMo enabled delivers superior air quality, eliminating allergens associated with living in a group environment. This True HEPA air purifier provides a home environment optimized to meet clean air needs without the nuisance of having to monitor and manage it all.

Programmable options maintain desired air quality while students are in class, or back home studying or sleeping. This wirelessly connected device also notifies students when air quality is poor so that the unit can be turned on and also notifies them when it is time to change the filter. Air quality sensor automatically adjusts speeds when indoor air quality is poor.

Disclosure: I was NOT given the product featured in this post—I just think it’s a neat product.

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