Back to School Guide for 2014 | Free Haircuts, Backpacks, Planners, Boo-Boo Helpers, Snacks and More!

Crayola Store
50% off
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Thera°Pearl Pal Pig,

Fix a boo-boo or soothe an insect sting the drug-free way 
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Backpacks made from kids favorite recycled snack bags
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Stop scratching that head and help 
keep Lice away with Vamouse Lice Shampoo and Mousse

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Keep kids brushing for a whole 2 minutes with Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes Jr!

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Both Parents and Kids can get a good 
night sleep with Hydraluxe Cool Case by 
Comfort Revolution 
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Let your girls make a fashion statement on the first day of school with 
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Type that research paper up at home and print it at school when you store it on a 
Lexar Jump Drive 

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Parents. teachers, and students--protect your electronic devices with Tech 21
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Academic Planners
give students a natural way to visualize time in order to master it!
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Save Up to 40% on Select Backpacks
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Remington College 
FREE haircuts to kids 17 and under (month of August)
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Pretzel Crisps Minis
are perfect for lunch boxes and don't be surprised if a little sharing takes place!
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Reward them for all the A's they are making with some Lovely Candy!

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Farmer's Garden Pickles
will make for a crunchy snack and are perfect for an afternoon snack!
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Disclosure: I was given products for this Father's Day Gift Guide. Read my disclosure policy here.


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