i4ulenses | Reading glasses that you can carry in your Walllet

All my friends told me that when I turned 40 that I would probably need reading glasses; of course I have also hear that after 40 years of age, everything is all down hill from there! Seriously what is with that age, 40?

I am happy to bust that myth--at age 40 I didn't need reading glasses! However, I have been noticing for about the last six months that hand writings and words on pages sometime appear darker, like there's not enough light in the room and then about a month ago I was writing a check and could not see close up

I recently had the opportunity to try i4ulenses. i4ulenses are portable contact reading glasses that virtually fit anyone....yes, anyone! They are small enough to carry anywhere and people can barely see them when you put them on. They are so small and thin, that I can even carry them in my wallet.

While I slowly and humbly admit that I might need these, occasionally. I like the fact that you can carry these in your wallet, car, briefcase, purse, etc…, they are so small that they can fit most anywhere. These compact i4uLenses are designed to complement your regular reading glasses, not to replace them.

With the plastic carrying cases they fit perfectly in those credit card slots inside your wallet---just place one in there and forget about it, well until the next time you cannot see something and you need them!

i4ulenses are very flexible, which makes them adjustable, which I needed to adjust mine because my nose is a little bit broader than most peoples.

I turn 42 tomorrow, and reading glasses is a small thing that I might need occasionally, but if I do I will have them with me, in my wallet.

For more information on i4ulense or to place an order, just visit their website HERE. When placing your order, mention Swappin' Spoons and i4ulenses will give you one free hard case.

Disclosure: I was given the product featured in this post to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.

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