CarMD {Father's Day Gift Idea}

CarMD is a pocket size car doctor that tells you what’s wrong with your car in plain English! No more getting ripped off at the mechanic shop. You can know what is wrong with your vehicle and the cost to fix it, before you ever step foot into the mechanic shop!

Now while the labor and parts cost is estimated; you will still know if your mechanic is trying to rip you off because you used CarMd first!

CarMD is so simple to use, you just plug CarMd into a port found inside your vehicle, turn the ignition key on and listen for beeps. Then plug the CarMD into your PC or Mac to access the "real World" causes and estimates to fix your car's problem.

Think about it, your vehicle's health in the palm of your hand! CarMD will identify simple problems you can fix yourself!

And with Father's Day approaching quickly, the CarMd will make for a great gift this year!

Disclosure: I was given the product featured in this post to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.

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